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IzzaShares: My Optimum Playlist

Hi everyone!!! So as what i actually told in my Facebook page, yesterday i wass urprised to see that from almost 480 ranking i was able to hit the 280 mark. Yay!!! That has been the highest rank i've got in Topblogs eversince i decided to transfer my blog from Wordpress to Blogger. So thank you so so much for the support.

Anyways today's post will be a new installment to my blog. Let's call this Random Mondays wherein i share to you random things about me. I saw this in other blogs and i feel happy reading these kind of posts so i hope you'll like too what you will be having every Monday. 

For the first installment of Random Mondays i am sharing to you My Optimum Playlist. These are the songs that amplify my morning everyday for the past week. I just can't stop listening and singing these songs!!! The list is in random order though for i equally love every songs!!! 

Listen to the above songs!!! I promise you that these are eargasm songs. :) 

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