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COLLECTIVE HAUL (Bench Paintbox, Wet n' Wild, Revlon etc.)

We all have our days when we feel down or stressed out and the only thing that can amplify our energy is some good vibes. Mine will probably buying makeup. YES!!! I love shopping and finding our new items in the beauty section of malls. I love the smell of new foundation, powder or blush on and i love seeing new mascara, eye liners and brow pencils. Let's call it retail therapy wherein the moment you buy something you feel delighted and positive energy just comes along. Yay.


  • Wet n' Wild foundation - 399pesos
  • ELF Brow Treat and Tame- 299pesos
  • Revlon Concealer- 725pesos
  • LA Colors Mascara- 149pesos
  • Bench Paintbox nail polish- 58pesos each
  • Bench Paintbox Brow definer- 88pesos
  • Bench Paintbox Lipstick- 188pesos
  • Bench Paintbox BB Cream- 229pesos
  • Shawill Brow Cake- 120pesos

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