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A Day in My Life - Quarantine Edition

Today I thought of sharing a day in my life - QUARANTINE EDITION! 

Just a simple behind-the-scene of my day-to-day life, especially during a work day, and how I stay sane during this whole COVID-19 pandemic situation. 

I enjoy reading and watching a day in my life posts and since I have done one here on the blog, I felt like today is a good time to do so. Let’s begin!

5:00AM | Wake Up Time, Morning Pages, Devotion

At 5:00AM my alarm will go off. I have an alarm clock I bought in Miniso a year ago that usually does the trick of waking me up. But, just to make sure I do wake up early, I also set multiple alarms on my phone. 

To be honest maintaining the same morning habits pre-quarantine days is tough. Because I don’t have to worry about commuting, it’s so easy to get an extra hour of sleep. But, I try my best to keep up with rising early because it makes me productive during the day.

I have the bad habit of checking my phone first thing in the morning. I usually go on Instagram first checking on IG Stories of the people I follow who are mostly US, UK bloggers. Then, I check my email. Afterwards, I go to Facebook and see my notifications. 

At about 30mins. I get up and prepare for my devotion time.

5:30 AM | Quiet Time 

As I mentioned in a past post, spending time with God is one great habit I’ve been doing since the enhanced community quarantine began. 

I realized how important reading and studying God’s Word is now that I am able to do it on a daily basis. A day in my life is not complete without reading His Word and hearing from Him. There is real power in His Words and I am amazed how reading and studying the Bible can be this fun and exciting when before I can’t even see myself doing it three days in a row.

Soon I’ll share a detailed post about my current bible study routine. In the meantime, you may read my post - How I Study the Bible using S.O.A.P. Method.

6:30 AM | Morning Pages

Morning Pages work like a journal to brain dump your thoughts first thing in the morning. This can be a reflection of the day before, a gratitude log or a morning prayer. The goal of the Morning Pages is basically to clear out your brain from all these chaos. 

I've always been a fond dairy keeper and before 2020 began, I bought just the right notebook to keep all my long-form journaling in the morning. I love writing with it especially now during the pandemic when every single day has a lesson to say. 

As a person who loves to make plans, this whole COVID-19 situation made me live my life one page at a time. 

7:00 AM | Coffee + Reading Book 

I also set a dedicated time to read and finish a book. To avoid falling back to sleep, I prepare a coffee first which I sip all the way through as I make progress with my reading. Reading books help me destress. I love moments when I am already invested with the story and I see myself in or with the characters. 

Currently, I am trying to finish the last three books of the Harry Potter series. I finished Books 1 to 4 last year and really enjoyed them. 

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8:00 AM | Time to Work

In case it’s your first time here on the blog, I do maintain a regular job. I work as a Digital Marketing Associate, handling all social media sites and websites of the company I’m working for. I’ve been operating on a work-from-home basis since March 16 and I must say, life at work is getting better and better as days go by. 

My routine has always been to finish all my daily essential tasks between 8AM to 10AM (routinary posts on all social media sites and any critical tasks) so I still have time for any additional workload in the afternoon. 

12:00 NN | Power Nap and Lunch Time

We still practice for a longer lunch time even though we are working from home. We have an hour and a half of free time to have lunch and take a rest. This can go on until 2PM, depending on us. Before I take my lunch I squeeze in a power nap. 30mins to an hour depending on how fast I fall asleep. 

This is something I will definitely miss the most when everything goes back to normal. Power naps!!!

I do not live alone so I’m thankful to have my sister who prepares mostly what we’ll eat for lunch. I also have my mom who brings us ulam most of the time. Bumabawi na lang ako kapag weekend and try to cook as much as I can. 

2:00PM | Back to Work

Since I mostly did all the hard parts in the morning, the afternoon work session is quite easy na lang. Sometimes I do research on social media posts from other outlets or competitors to spark ideas on what to post next. I also attend free webinars, take lessons that are related to my work which I can also use for my own good. 

Afternoon is also where most of the meetings and FB Live or webinars we do at work happen so I basically have to allot time for those. If it’s really a not-so-busy day I can work on personal tasks here and there like pinning posts on Pinterest, editing photos for social media or simply updating my social media accounts. 

Every now and then I check my work email just in case something pops out.

5:00PM | End of Work

Also known as the happiest hour! Finally, another work day has passed. 

This is where I relax and catch up on my Netflix shows and YouTube videos. Haha. Sort of a reward after a day of hard work, eh? 

Just recently, I watched The Last Dance, a Netflix Documentary of Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls’ golden era. It was sooooo good. I finished the whole 10 episodes in 2 days of watching. Haha. 

Sometimes, I can stop myself from watching a show, open a timer and do a Pomodoro for blog tasks. When this happens, I rarely stop. I just go with my flow and finish as many tasks as I can. 

PS. I also plan for the next day after work rather than the morning. I feel like it’s easier when I know how my day will be the next day. I can reorganize my calendar to give way for meetings or priorities.

I am dependent on my bullet journal when it comes to organizing my life.

7:00PM | Exercise, Shower and Dinner

I know, I take a bath late during this quarantine. But this is the reality now. 

A day in my life means a 15-20 minute workout followed by a shower and skincare routine. I am loving working out now more than ever, especially after a full day at work. Whenever I work out I feel light and accomplished. 

There’s nothing much more amazing than a refreshing shower after all the sweat from a workout. I love this part so much as well. 

And of course, a filling dinner. Usually, whatever the leftover ulam we have from lunch is what I eat during dinner. 

9:00PM | Blog and Business Work

Depending on how soon I finish eating, I try to insert another productive sprint of blog work before I cap the day off. I still use the Pomodoro technique making sure I maximize the limited time I have to work on my blog and business.

11PM | Downtime + Reading Book

By 11PM I start to do some downtime. I do final check-in on my Instagram and Facebook account and watch a video or two on YouTube. And then I spend the rest of the night reading until I fall asleep. 

I make sure that I have set my alarms before dozing off. Here are some of the best books I've read so far: 

On weekends, I have a different day in my life. I spend the weekends with my parent’s house so apart from blog and business work, I kind of keep the day as free for socializing as I can. I try to spend more time bonding with my family, attending our online meetings every now and then since we all live in different ways from each other at the moment.

That’s it! That’s my typical day in my life quarantine edition. I hope you enjoyed learning a thing or two on how I spend my day during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Thank you for reading.

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