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5 Habits I’ve Been Keeping since Quarantine Began

Hi everyone!

As stressful and depressing the past couple weeks have been, a lot of good has still come out with the newfound time I have now that we are all staying safely at home. And today I thought of sharing the very habits I’ve been keeping since the quarantine period began. 

At the very least these habits provide some kind of structure in my life in the middle of this whole pandemic. These very habits are what I pray I can still  carry out once we are all back to normal.

Blog more

Another way I’ve been maximizing the enhanced community quarantine is by blogging more. Last year, I was pretty bad at blogging consistently and I really wanted to fix that. So I told myself that this quarantine situation  can be a great chance to get ahead in content. 

I am now following a better content schedule and ensuring over the weekend, all posts for next week are all up and ready to go. This is hard to maintain when I was still working and had to spend hours commuting.

Before the end of the enhanced community quarantine, I would like to be at least a month ahead of blog posts. I want them to be fully written, edited and scheduled to go live. Being ahead in content will surely help me achieve a better work-life balance. I can focus on other things such as growing readership, creating Podcast episodes, and living life in general.

Up my social media game

I’ve always wanted to have a stronger social media presence. I maintain multiple platforms online from Facebook Pages to Instagram Pages and with more time in my hand I’ve been slowly but surely building my social media strategy. I’ve been consistently posting for each platform and repurposing old contents. I also became active in Pinterest which in turn, helped me increase my audience reach.

Read books

Since the enhanced community quarantine was placed, I finished reading four books. This made me stay on track with my 2020 reading challenge. The latest I read was Still Alice by Lisa Genova and it was surprisingly good. 

I really want to make reading each and every day a habit. I still have a pile of books I’ve been meaning to read for quite some time and I want to maximize the remaining quarantine days reading. 


I used to exercise badly. I can’t seem to do it on a regular basis. But throughout the enhanced community quarantine, I’ve been watching a number of exercise routines on Instagram which I find fun and doable.

One day, I found motivation to begin a workout  routine that I can follow. I was hooked because of how good I always felt afterwards. I typically do an abs and butt routine because those were the two areas I’ve been really wanting to get in shape. 

I’ll be sharing the workout routine I do on a separate post but so far so good with this habit. I’ve been exercising for 15 minutes on average which is way above the 5 minutes I used to do before. 

Daily Bible Reading and Studying Routine

I realized how important reading and studying God’s Word is now that I am able to do it on a daily basis. There is real power in His Words and I am amazed how reading and studying the Bible can be this fun and exciting when before I can’t even see myself doing it three days in a row.

Soon I’ll share a detailed post about my current bible study routine. In the meantime, you may read my post - How I Study the Bible using S.O.A.P. Method.

Quarantine Habits I Want to Add

Less screen time

More than social media, I’ve been using my phone too much because of Netflix. In my latest Life Update and my recent Monthly Recap I mention how many shows I’ve already watched during the enhanced community quarantine and I can’t stop myself from sneaking in watching Netflix shows here and there.

Nothing positive comes when I’m on my phone. As in nothing. 

It just sucks up all the gifts of free time we’ve been given. 

So for the rest of the quarantine period I want to be stricter when it comes to screen time. Thankfully, my phone has the ability to set downtime easily. Aside from communication apps like Viber and Messenger, I want to stay away from my phone. 

Declutter and Organize

Being stuck in my room for 24/7 got me staring at every corner of my room 24/7. Thus, I begin to understand how messy I am as a person. I want to take the remaining days of the enhanced community quarantine to reassess what sparks joy in my life and do a bit of a Marie Kondo tidying up. 

That’s it for this post. Stay safe.

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