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May 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

Today I’m sharing with you my May 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up. 

If you want to see how I set up my bullet journal for 2020, click here

Since 2018, I’ve kept my bullet journal set minimalist. I started keeping my bujo as functional as possible, keeping only the basics layout. Which in turn leveled up my productivity. Hooray!

I thought for 2020, I will start publishing my monthly bullet journal layout again. You can follow me on Instagram to see more of my bujo set ups. 

May 2020 Monthly Calendar

For my May 2020 Monthly Calendar set up, I went back with the simple analog design with all the dates and days of the month laid down just like last March 2020.  

But with the enhanced community quarantine still on, there's pretty much less events or appointments at work so I maximized the Monthly Calendar page by incorporating a Reading Tracker.

I’ve been reading quite consistently since the quarantine began and I thought it would be nice to track the amount of time I spent reading in a day. I divided the Reading Tracker in 30 minutes increments as it’s the least amount of time I spend reading in a day. 

May 2020 Habit Tracker

I went back to the vertical habit tracker for May 2020 and tried to downsize the habits I want to keep. As always, for every habit I do I just put a mark to it.

I also had an additional tracker for the number of hours of sleep I make in a day and the level of productivity I had. 

May 2020 Time Tracker

The Time Tracker has been a permanent page in my bullet journal set ups in 2017. Then, when I opted for a minimalist style I suddenly ditched the tracker.

However, for the first few weeks when the enhanced community quarantine was declared, I felt like I wasn’t as productive as I intended to be.

I’m not posting that much, and still have open projects here and there. I promised myself that I will not let the month pass by again without doing something I will be thankful for the rest of the year. 

I wanted to be productive and get a hold of how I spend my time, this time.

So I brought the Time Tracker back. For May 2020, here are the things I’ve been tracking - Sleep, Blog/Biz, Work, Read and Bible Time.

This time I’m only tracking four things - Sleep, Work, Blog/Biz and Reading.

My goal in putting this back is to make sure I log where my actual time is going. 

May 2020 Content Calendar

Having a content calendar has always helped me blog better. And although I have a working Google Calendar for it, I thought it will be nice to have the planner on paper too. 

I kept the same template I used last April 2020 with one side for the blog and the other side for Instagram.

My plan was to write with pencil first to make it much cleaner but I accidentally planned everything out in pen instead. 

May 2020 Mind Map

I used to do Mind Maps every quarter but never for a month so this is a first time for me to add this page on my bullet journal set up.

mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. It is a useful technique that helps you plan you next course of actions for a specific goal, project or idea.

For May 2020, I decided had my main categories - Personal, Spiritual, Finances, Extra Income and Routines. I basically wrote down all these specific to do lists I have for each. And then I selected my top 1 to-do for each category. The ones I will concentrate my time and effort on. 

I really like how this page turned out. Before I start my week I browse to this page just to ensure that the major tasks I insert with my daily and weekly pages is aligned. 

May 2020 Daily and Weekly Pages

The last spread for my May 2020 bullet journal is the daily and weekly pages. I already ran out of the blue green highlighter I had so I replaced it with a pink highlighter. 

I am still using the same layout which definitely worked for me well over the last months of using. I thought as well that working from home will make my daily and weekly pages empty, but it’s still the same - even got busier if I may say. 

That’s it for my May 2020 Bullet Journal.

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