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Goodbye April, Hello May 2020

It's time to recap what happened for the month of April 2020 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming months.

The month of April wasn’t that different from March. We are still under enhanced community quarantine. To make it worse, it even got extended - TWICE.

April 30 and now May 15.

Though there is a promise of no more extension this time, the situation still feels surreal. Without a cure or vaccine in place, the new normal will be social distancing, less people on the streets, travel ban abroad, no handshake or hugs, no mass gathering, etc.

Imagining that first “new normal” day, where people will go back to work and try to make sense of what life has been in the last two months, makes me feel a bit sick on the inside. The feelings of excitement, fear, longing and anxiety just mixed up. 

But, we have a big God who is with us, right? He will not abandon us in this fight. 

This too shall pass.

Here’s January 2020, February 2020 and March 2020 in case you missed them.

Online Church Services

Since mass gathering has been banned, all church services were halted. We had to learn how to do online church services from scratch. 

I feel amazed by the team behind Victory Makati because they really outdid themselves by putting such great services just to keep the community alive during the enhanced community quarantine. 

I’m a volunteer under Comms ministry and have witnessed the effort and hard work that goes for every episode. I am still actively volunteering as part of the people who do the Instagram Story updates every church service. 

Should you be interested to check out Victory Makati’s online church services we do go live on Facebook every Wednesdays (7pm) and Sundays (10am and 4pm). 

You can follow on Facebook - Victory Makati

Family Bonding

If there’s something this COVID-19 is teaching me the most, it’s the value of family. I had an added layer of care and love for my family knowing how tangible life is. 

And I feel like my family feels the same. Because we are all living in separate houses, we continue to communicate online. It was my eldest sister who organized our online sit downs. 

We also were able to talk deeper with another and sort out things that we’ve been avoiding in the past. For example, my parents move to Easter Samar for good. For so long, my parents wanted to go to the province and live their retirement years there but there’s something hindering. 

It turned out they needed help, financially. This became an opportunity for us, siblings to step up. And we finally had a plan laid out so our parents can live in the province finally, for good. 

Without this enhanced community quarantine, that talk will never happen. 

Another great moments I treasure the most during this enhanced community quarantine are the bonding I had with my parents. I tried to spend the weekends with them and we started doing fun activities like spelling bee, karaoke and then exposing their love story, haha.

The more I spend time with my parents, the more I realize how much I love them to pieces. Just thankful to have them. I don’t even know if I am ready to see them live far away. 

The SavingsPinay Podcast

Something I am elated to share to you is that I now have a podcast! Yay!!!

I’ve been longing for this day that I get to say I launched a podcast. One of my life long dreams is to be a DJ and I guess starting a podcast is the closest I can live that goal. 

Last April 24, I launched the very first episode and you can listen to it both on Spotify and iTunes! Yes!!!

Here are some posts of the posts from April 2020

April 2020 Favorites

Beauty - I started using the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Foam and it quickly became part of my beauty favorites. As I mentioned over the past recaps, I’ve been suffering from the worst skin since forever. I don’t even know how it began and especially when it will end. 

But, I feel like this Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Foam has been helping my face improve little by little. The texture of my skin is much smoother now compared to before. It also helped diminish the redness on my skin. I’m thinking of sharing a separate beauty review for this one soon.

Movie or Show - In my Life Lately #11 post I’ve enumerated the shows I finished watching since the enhanced community quarantine happened. And that list was long. Last month I finished How I Met Your Mother and this April, I finally finished Big Bang Theory. The last episode brought me to tears, it was the most genuine ending I’ve ever seen in a TV show. 

I also finished watching Attack on Titan. I’ve seen Season 1 before but wasn’t able to finish it until the end. Finally saw it on Netflix and binge watched it for just three days. It really is a show you can’t stop watching. 

Song - I have three OPM songs I’ve been listening to so much for the last part of April. They are Sino by Unique, Pagtingin by Ben and Ben and Tagu-Taguan by Moira Dela Torre. I have been listening to these three songs non-stop and really enjoying them. 

Looking Forward Next Month

I am looking forward to the day after the enhanced community quarantine. As scary as it seems, I think we all just have to be expectant of that day. We can’t live under enhanced community quarantine forever. 

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