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BOOKS | Books I'll Be Reading This January 2016

Incorporating book-related blog posts last year made IzzaGlino much like the blog I've always wanted it to be. A reflection of my life. 

Seeing the books I collected last year made me realize how immense time and money I spent reading. Half of me says, "good job, Izza" while the other half is crying in the inside saying "now there goes your money" 

But reading a book is such an amazing moment. I love being in the zone. Like I was there together with the main character. I travel to far places in my mind. I start a book and find time flies so fast. READ: Books I'm Reading This December.

Something that will stay the same this 2016 will be my love for books so to start the month of reading I share to you the Books I'll Be Reading This January 2016. Enjoy.

Books I Read Last Month

The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort

I read the big with an artistic mindset. Forget all the vulgar words and scenes and it will leave with an entertaining true to life story perfect for people like me who are into stocks and investment. Jordan is a proof how the love of money (and power) can be the root of all evil.

Precious by Sapphire

Read this book with a caution for its story will surely haunt you to pieces. It's a book meant to bring you the harsh realities of life. How cruel people can be and how sometimes only the bad happen to people. But it will also give you hope in the end and the joy of beginnings.

Books I'll Be Reading This Month

The Ruins by Scott Smith

I saw the movie before and it's one of the horror/thriller movie I will never regret watching. It teaches you how one decision could turn your life upside down. It's quiet intense movie and when I saw the book in BookSale Market! Market! I was thrilled with amazement. It's a chunky one but I scanned a little and found myself captivated by how descriptive the writing is. Can't wait to read and finish this book.

Book I'm Currently Reading
Simplify Your Hectic Life by Annie Chapman with Maureen Rank

For this year I will be incorporating inspirational/devotional books in my monthly reading. I've collected quiet a few last year and so I decided to commit in reading them at least one book per month. Simplify Your Hectic Life is a book I bought last year that's been sitting around the corner of my shelves. I believe this could be a great read to spark my motivation in what I do.

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Gone Girl by Gyllian Flynn

This is book is part of What I Got For Christmas. I have been eyeing it for some time and I finally had a hold of this novel thanks you our Office Christmas Party Gift Giving. This is the book I an currently reading and the book is worth all the hype. I'm done with the first 100pages and let me tell you, the story keeps getting better and better page by page. I can't seem to put this book down. 

I hope you like this post. 


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