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Life Lately #004

As I've mentioned in my Goodbye January, Hello February post next month I'll be doing the 30-Day Single Challenge every Saturday and Sunday for my blog. It means this post will be the last entry (for now) on the Life Lately series. I hope the month of love will be great for everyone. 

Let's start reviewing our week shall we?


I feel honored this week that I had a good call with my freelance writing clients. Currently I am working on two clients. One is a local entrepreneur who needs a content writer for her real estate business website and the other is a foreign client from Japan who needs a content strategist (still writing but will also do a lot of intensive research and on) for his app. I can't wait to share my skills with these two. I hope they'll give positive response on my writing. 

This week I also had a catch up on my morning devotionals because again I am not being consistent with my goals of making it a routine. I am also testing an app which will make my reflections easier and doable so I don't miss my journal time in the evening. Will surely update you guys if its a yay. For habits my main focus this week were to make the bed each morning which I am kind of doing great but still needs a lot of improvement and preparing my outfit everyday which I'm doing like a pro. 


This week I focused mainly on organizing my files. Its something that I've been procrastinating for a long time and I just want to resolve my work PC organization once and for all. As a Technical Documentation Specialist my PC gets massive document ranging from Word, Power Point and Excel and at some point organizing them will be a burden. I've mapped out how I want my organization will be and slowly I'm spending 1-2 hours each work day to run through my files and really organize them by type, by date and by versions. 


I think I did pretty fine with both SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino this week. One post that stood up from the rest was my Weekly Writing Routine. I never thought that sharing how I maintain two blogs with a full time job will set such a big encouragement to others. I am still far from the productive blogger that I wanted to be but I think with my current routine I am getting there. 

Below are Published Posts this Week

On IzzaGlino


  1. Vigan Chichacorn 

One of my officemate went to Ilocos last Monday and brought home this Ilocos Chichacorn Garlic flavor and it tastes like heaven! I could finish one pack in a day but decided not to because I want to prolong the moment. Also to mention me and Nica are sharing for it and I have to commend my best friends generosity for letting me eat almost 3/4 of the chichacorn. 

  1. Winner Comeback

Winner of YG Entertainment, same line with BigBang, 2ne1 and iKon, is BACK!!!!!! After two years they are now ready to blast our ears with great music. Their first album is life with Empty, Color Ring, Don't Flirt and Song Minho's solo I'm Him. I am sooooo happy that they'll have their comeback. Official date is still not confirmed I believe that by their YouTube channel this week has a lot of new videos and updates.

  1. Rada Mart
I accidentally discovered Rada Mart once when Nica and I were about to buy our lunch at the famous Rada Sisig Jolly Jeep. You all know my love for anything Korean and finally I saw a store that's near my office where I can just spend my time looking and buying Korean noodles, Korean ingredients and more. Since its my first time I only bought items I've long to try. 
Jjang Raman, Dokbokki Ramen and Lipton Milk Tea
  1. Ipad and Iphone Reset

I've always wanted to organize my files both in my Iphone and Ipad but I always fail. This week after much contemplation I decided to just reset them back to its factory setup and start anew. I backed up all my files and almost every apps were now deleted. Then I'm taking my time on what apps to include with both devices. I wanted my Ipad apps to be focused on blogging and business apps while the Iphone will be for the personal apps. It is a work in progress and I'll surely have a video about what's on my Iphone and Ipad soon.
Reset my Iphone. See no more apps muna

  1. January Favorites Video

I was able to film and upload a new video for my YouTube channel and I can't be anymore excited. My also did a blog post for my monthly favorites that you can read HERE. Hope you'll watch the video. 

Hope you like this week's Life Lately!!!

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