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MONTHLY RECAP | Goodbye December, Hello January 2016

Whew. I still can't believe that we are now on the 2nd day of the New Year. I pray 2016 will be a better and bolder year for everyone. If you haven't set your goals yet the I encourage you to do one. You can also check out my personal and financial goals on SavingsPinay for inspirations. If you are a blogger you can also set goals for this new year to align everything right. READ: Blogging Goals 2016

Today is my Monthly Recap which I started last September 2015. It's where I summarize what happened to me for the past month through pictures and short notes. I hope you like this post.

Reported for Duty over the Holiday Season
Brows only FOTD

One of my OOTD at work

Empty Chairs and Empty Tables...

I report to work on 21, 22, 23, 28 and 29 which was an awesome experience. The office was a little empty during those days and it felt a little nostalgic not having everyone around. I did enjoy the peace and silence over the days when everyone was busy doing something.

PUP LifeBox Christmas Party

It was nice to be reunited with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. My PUP LifeBox family helped me along my journey of knowing and loving God. If you have read my blog for some time now you know that I got saved during my college years and I was part of the Victory Ubelt. It was so much fun to see them again and celebrate the gift of life Jesus did through this Christmas Party. 

Celebrating Christmas and New Year with Family
Pa- Christmas Party ni Papa

There's nothing more enjoyable than celebrating Christmas and New Year with the people who have been with your forever. We didn't have any "good" photos during the celebration for we were all consumed by the food, karaoke and laughter.
That's me and my Papa
My father also celebrated his 59th birthday in between Christmas and New Year. His birthday falls on December 26. I also hosted a wedding event on December 30 at Novaliches. I miss hosting so much. I am thinking of going active again on events for 2016. If it's God's plan for me to host again I know for sure He'll bless me with clients.
Our New Year Feast

As you read this post I'm still suffering from a hoarse voice due to Aegis-Whitney Houston- Celine Dion week. My parents bought as a new karaoke which has a lot of new songs. I was in euphoric moment because almost all the songs that I've been longing to sing was there.

First Day of the Year Gala
My Pamangkin Lyron took this photo, he's 5 years old!!!

Yesterday we spent the first day of the year at BGC. We had a great time strolling SM Aura and having coffee at Seattle's Best Serendra. I was with my parents, my sisters (Ate Malen, Ate Abi and Karen) plus my only pamangkin Lyron. 

I am very thankful for the opportunity to bond on the first day of the 2016. I hope our family will be sweeter this new year.

Office Christmas Party
Me Hosting the event. On point yung pose ko dito

My family at work!!! Thank you for the hard work

This is the first Christmas Party of WiFun as a sole entity. The theme that we came up with was Tropical Party though it was on December 16 when Philippines was hit with a strong typhoon Nona. 

Fortunately the rain didn't fall during the whole party. It just started to rain real hard when the program was ever. God is truly with us.

I hosted the event and did the program too. For the Christmas Party I did a Minute to Win It Individual Game. It was so much fun because though the games were easy, the time pressure was high. You have to succeed in the game within 60 seconds. 

We had a per department performance which was so much fun. The winning group was the Tech Dev who took home 5,000pesos. We also had a gift giving. I showed what I got on a recent video. 

It was truly a fun Christmas Party.

StyleHaul Philippines Dinner

I had the rare opportunity to be part of StyleHaul Philippines Dinner at Todd English Hall SM Aura. I shared the whole experience in a post so make sure to check the link and read through the full article.

I had so much fun with my fellow YouTube Creators whom I look up to so much. I was there together with the very girls who inspired me to start my own channel and personal blog.

My Makeup Collection

Last November I was able to purchase a 6-Layer Multi Purpose Drawer from SM Hypermarket for Buy 1 Take 1. It was one of the best purchase of my 2015. I finally have a storage for my growing makeup collection. I love that they were the drawer type for it saves so much space plus I get to see what I need in an instant. Due to time constraint I wasn't able to upload my small makeup collection before 2015 ended. No worries it's still in my to do for the first month of 2016. 

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

When I saw Ms. Universe Pia Wurstbach's post on Instagram I knew I wanted Jesus Calling to be my devotional book for 2016. 

I was so busy finding it on National Bookstore and Power Books but its always sold out. The book was priced for 385pesos which was a little pricier that I expected.

After the event I hosted last December 30 I went to Market Market BookSale and I saw this book. It was there waiting for its new owner. I was so happy seeing the book. It only cost me 190pesos and its still in good condition. My smile that day was priceless. I found the book!!! I found it!!!

Things I am Looking Forward in January

The first work week

I have a lot of pending items due to the holiday season and so I wanted to catch up on my list. For sure the first work week of January will be very tough. I know I must prepare myself.

No Late January

One of my goals this 2016 in terms of work is to lessen my tardiness. I getting ashamed of the number of times I came to work late for the past six months. I knew I need to set my time management better. It also affects my productivity when I don't go to work on time.

I hope you are doing well. Tell me something about your December!!!

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