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Life Lately #003

Cheers for the third installment of Life Lately. I feel like slowly this portion of IzzaGlino is becoming part of my favorite. I look forward reviewing my week and publishing it for you to read. Isn't that weird?

This week I may say is my favorite week so far in 2016. I feel productive, I feel inspired and I feel happy of how the days went. There are a lot of people who made my week super meaningful. 

But first let's review the week.


This week I was able to finish a book, fix my closet and get back on track with my morning devotional and evening Bible journal. And I am just so happy. 

You know last week I  sadly missed these important habits but finally I was able to cope up with all the excuses. 

I also started a Gratitude Log this week on my Master Bullet Journal which is totally amazing. It's like a bullet version of a diary but more of appreciation on the people and the things that happened on the day. I highly encourage you guys to try it. 


This has been the most productive week ever. I got a lot of things done in terms of Site Design Plans and tasks assigned to me. I found that morning is really the most productive block of time for me so this week I try my hardest to finish the important tasks before 11am hits. 

This week me and Nica had a lot of blessings in terms of free food. We had a free merienda courtesy of Sam and Andres from Roll Out Team. The Michael from Roll Out Team also gave us free choco brownie from Goldilocks the next day. Jaure from Roll Out also gave us Pic-A the following day and we had another Pic-A sponsor on a Thursday. Nice, right?! I am working together with some of the best and the nicest people ever. 

The blog is on point this week especially in SavingsPinay. I released a Financial Planning 101 Series which is totally helpful especially with people who want to take a better control with their finances. Here in IzzaGlino was way fewer than last week but I still hope you enjoyed.

Posts in IzzaGlino 

Posts in SavingsPinay

1. Star Wars The Force Awakens

I feel embarrassed to admit that never have I ever watched a Star Wars film. And so when someone invited me to watch it in Imax I agreed. First because I miss him and want to see him again and second its my chance to give Star Wars a chance. 

Though I have never watched any installment before I felt still in the zone since the person I'm with is like a walking encyclopedia. I love how he explains automatically when things get a little confusing.

I tried to copy all the Star Wars from the media server available at work but the hard disk I have with me is a total fail in Linux. Anyhow I'll be bringing a new one next week so fingers crossed I will have the copies of the movie with me before January ends.

To you... thank you for the movie and the great book you gave. 
2. Yoga

You know that I've been following ViviannaDoesMakeup for a long time and her weekly vlogs are just some of my favorite videos to watch. I caught a glimpse of her health and fitness video and come across Yoga by Adrienne and I love it. I guess this is my chance to learn Yoga and make it part of my fitness routine. Her videos are amazing and she makes yoga feel so simple. Will update you guys for sure.

3. Anna and Lily's Teenage Throwback Playlist
Can I just say that this playlist is life? I've shared it to Nica and she loves it too. It was the playlist perfect for when you are busy at work but still want to relax and have some reminiscing. This playlist is worth following.

Don't forget to follow too My January Playlist just click HERE. 

4. Best Outfit of the Week

I got this flannel cover up for just 10pesos in ukay-ukay and wow did this piece of perfection amplify my simple white and black ensemble. This is an outfit perfect for a concert or mall or just an everyday hippie lazy day one. More photos in an OOTD post soon.

5. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in #403 Plum Perfect

I am back in love with this lip color and I found the best way to use it. You put about two to three swipe on your lips and disseminate the color with your finger tip. I swear to you it will give the most natural lip stain that will lasts for a very long time. READ : Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in #403 Plum Perfect Review

That's it. That's my Life Lately. Hopefully you like this new addition on IzzaGlino. Look forward for the second one next week.

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