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BOOKS | My Top 10 Books of 2015

These were the books I've collected in 2015
Today is the very first official blogpost of 2016. I'm done with all my year end blog posts over the last week of December. I am now all set and ready to create contents on the present year.

As I've revealed last year Monday will be all about BOOKS. I wanted IzzaGlino to reflect me as a person and reading has been one of my most looked forward moment of the day. I spend at least 30 minutes a day reading. I started gaining more interest in reading books on 2015. I collected so much for such a short period of time. I gained so much knowledge and traveled along every location described in the book. 

As a first blog post in my tagged as BOOKS, I welcome you to 10 Books of 2015 That Made An Impact in my Life. Treat this also as my year-ender book haul. 

The Godfather by Mario Puzo

This is the book at started it all. By all I mean my obsession once again in reading. I will never forget this book because it was so intense to read. You will never be bored reading the book. I love how the characters and the setting were presented. The Godfather is a must read and its movie adaptation is a must see. 

My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Maybe you've seen the movie but to be honest the book is way better. Not just way better but a whole better than the movie. You won't fully feel how good the story is by just watching the movie alone. You ought to read the book. I honestly cried bucket of tears reading this Jodi Picoult masterpiece. I see a part of myself in every character. I love this book so much
My very first book haul in April

Bridget Jones Diary and Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding

Over the middle of the year I was reunited with someone. No weren't together but we went out a couple of times. But I was all confused by his intentions and these two books by her excellency Helen Fielding gave me so much heart and dating lessons. 

Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

I may be the last person to read this series but wow. I didn't expect the books to be good. I was so proud of myself for finishing my first ever series. I made a book review for the whole series that I urge you to read >>>

Push by Sapphire

If you'll read this book I would suggest that you have nothing to do for about 6-8 hours. You can finish the book in an hour or two but it would leave you speechless. It would give you goosebumps on how amazingly written the book was and how the story goes. This isn't typical happy ending.
Books I've collected in August 2015

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I've been a big fan of the movie but reading the book will set you on a different level of experience. I love every detail of the book as much as I love every part of the movie adaptation. Life of Pi is book of survival. A book of conquering your fears and doubts. It is a book you'll want to read over again.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

This classic love story will never die. I'm glad I've read this book for it helped me realize that if it's meant to be God will surely make a way. It's a perfect book that will make you believe that there's forever.
Books I bought during the 36th Metro Manila Book Fair

Paper Towns by John Greene

I shed tears watching the movie and so I told myself that I'll be reading the novel to see how different it would be. The movie and and the book is so close to each other. The people behind the film did an amazing job making the great story come to life. I love that it doesn't have the happy ending you wish it had. It will teach you that sometimes it won't work the way you wanted it to be. But know that its all according to God's plan.

Lucky by Alice Sebold

I can't describe how I felt reading this book. It was the type of book that you won't put down and will give you a new perspective in life. I've loved Alice Sebold since the highly acclaimed book The Lovely Bones but this book is amazingly written too. 

The Help

This book makes you time travel to the era when there's a great division between the White American and Black American. It was written amazingly and interestingly by the author.

Hope you like this post. Again the above were the some of the most unforgettable books I've read in 2015. 

Share your book/s of the year too. 


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