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Life Lately #02

Welcome to the second Life Lately post. I hope you enjoyed the first one. Just a quick announcement though before I move on how my week went. I reached 100,000 pageviews mark on SavingsPinay!!!

SavingsPinay is a Personal Finance blog I started along with this blog. It's where I share financial tips and tricks I learned through books, blogs and experience. If you haven't checked out SavingsPinay then I encourage you to do so. 
Hope this blog will also reached 100,000pageviews this year :)

Let's now have a week in review.


I had a hard time this week to keep up with my habits. My social media fast had ended and I found myself obsessing again. Is it because I've been deprived for a week? I really don't know but I am working on it. I missed a week worth of morning devotional and evening journal which I know matters a lot. READ : The Sunday Post | What I Learned From My 5-Day Social Media Fast

Though I'm very happy that my No Late January is pretty consistent. I see to it that I go out of the house by 6:30am so I can avoid the morning rush and arrive to work at around 7:30am. I also am consistent with my morning and evening skincare routine as well as spending an hour a day to catch up on my reading list.


My week was all about creating new Site Design Plans and attending meetings. So far I've been managing doing all my most important tasks in the morning when I'm most productive. 


For my blog I published fewer posts this week compared to last week but they are good posts you won't regret spending your time reading. 

The milestone reached in SavingsPinay is such a good way to start the year right. Part of my blogging goals this year is to reach 200,000pageviews on SavingsPinay and 100,000pageviews here on IzzaGlino. 

Also have you checked my side bar?? I added my Bucket List for 2016 which was written on my bullet journal
 Posts This Week on IzzaGlino

Posts This Week on SavingsPinay

5 Things Lately

1. Gone Girl. I just finished reading this book and wow it is totally mind blowing. The ending is insane. I actually don't like how the author ended the book but the first 400 pages was written really nice. I felt like I am solving a mystery case page after page. Also I see myself a lot with Amy. I'll talk about this on a book review I'll be doing soon.

2. Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish. I finally found a nail polish that can last a week in my nails withiut chipping. I'll publish a review about this next week so please hope you stay tune for that. 

3. Nica's Overnight in my house. Over the holidays I mentioned to Nica that we have a new karaoke which has new songs up until 2013. So I asked her to come over to my house and spend an overnight so we could do a karaoke bonding. It did happen and we had so much fun. 

4. Best Outfit of the Week. This could be one of my favorite outfit ensemble ever. It's a perfect day look, very girly and casual. The denim top was from SM Women and jeans from Jewels. I paired it with my Casio vintage watch in silver as well as necklace from Landmark Accessories.

5. January Playlist. I've updated my Spotify account and added my January Playlist. If you want to know the songs I am currently loving I encourage you to visit my Spotify account :

That's it. That's my Life Lately. Hopefully you like this new addition on IzzaGlino. Look forward for the second one next week


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