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MONTHLY RECAP | Goodbye January, Hello February

I know it feels crazy  but YES, we are saying goodbye to January 2016 and telling hello to February. I hope the first month of 2016 has been good to you and you have achieved most of your goals for the month. 

Today's post is the very first Goodbye Month X, Hello Month Y for 2016. It's a post where I summarized the highlights of my month giving you an insight to my life. Hope you like this series of posts so far.

SavingsPinay hit 100,000 pageviews

Reaching 100,00 pageview mark in SavingsPinay feels so amazing. I still can't believe that my personal finance blog has been viewed by a hundred thousand people. I celebrated the new milestone by giving launching the January SavingsPinay Series called Financial Planning 101. I hope IzzaGlino will reach 100,000 pageviews too this year.

More More Outfit of the Day


I had fun in January doing some outfit of the day shots. One of my colleague agreed to take a photo of my OOTD and we found a great spot in the office to take photos. Below were two of my favorite outfits for the month.

A habit that I am practicing in the month of January is picking my outfits the night before. I was surprised by how much time I saved just by making this change. I also manage to develop a sort of work outfit capsule wherein I have a plan set on what to wear Monday-Friday. More of this in a post soon.

Coffee Monday Barkada is Back

The other girl in the photo is Jen, special someone of one these boys. Whew...soon all of them will be in a relationship na

Finally after a long time The Coffee Monday Barkada session was pushed through. We had a hearty meal and great time talking about the latest happening in our life. I've been friends with these guys for almost a year now and they've been such a big part of my 2015. Excited for our next session and adventures.

Saturday Gale and Overnight at My Place with Nica

Me and Nica
Nica and I had our first B-Bonding in 2016. We went to SM Aura and had some milk tea and churros time. Then we went too at Fully Booked BGC which became one of our favorite place ever. Nica actually spent an overnight at our house which was super fun. I always go to her place last year because it's near the office. Hope she had a great time spending an overnight with me and my family.

Pia Wurztbach Homecoming Parade in Ayala

The crowd waiting for Pia

Me and Nica patiently waiting

Watch this 15second video of Pia Wurztbach during her parade

Last January 26 was Pia Wurztbach's homecoming parade and one of the area in her itinerary was Ayala Avenue. Since its just where I am currently working we were able to witness the phenomenal event. We watched as Ms. Universe Pia wave and smile in her beautiful float. It feels surreal. Pia is very very pretty and she has this stunning presence. 

Things I'm Looking Forward Next Month

  1. Day Hike at Mt. Manabu

One of my bucket list this 2016 is to hike. I messaged my high school classmate and friend if ever she and her boyfriend have plans to hike this year and they told me there will be. The set date was February 7 and it will be Mt. Manabu. I will be together with about four-five people which is pretty exciting. I have no idea how hiking goes but I trust the people I'll be with that it will be an awesome adventure. Can't wait to blog about the experience soon. 

  1. Pampanga Hot Air Balloon 

The hotel is already booked and I already bought the ticket online so this plan to go to Pampanga is sealed. I will be together with my eldest sister from February 12- February 13. Hopefully the whole February 12 will be spent on visiting other notable sites in the area while February 13 will surely be for watching Hot Air Balloon at the CDC Grounds. Are you joining this, too?

  1. 30 Day Single Challenge

For February I will be doing the 30 Day Single Challenge. There are 30 questions about "singlehood" you need to answer. This was supposed to be a daily post for February but I decided to allot Saturday and Sunday only. I will be answering five questions every Saturday and Sunday. Join me with the challenge ok?!

I hope you are doing well. Tell me something about your January!!!


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