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Books I'll Be Reading this May

I think I am finally free my Reader's Block phase. I finally found the joy in reading books once again. My post That Thing Called Reader's Block and the practical ways I have searched helped me a lot. Today I am listing the books I'll be reading for May and getting my fingers crossed I'll really make it. 

Book I Finished Reading Last Month

Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias By HLN's Jane Velex-Mitchell

I am currently obsessed on true crime stories, podcasts and other materials. And Jodi Arias' story is one of true crime story I've found online and tried to follow. Thankfully I saw this gigantic hardbound copy of Exposed Secret Life of Jodi Arias for sale at National Bookstore SM Bicutan for only 99pesos and bought it. It gave a better view on the who, what, where, when, why and how things happened that night when Jodi Arias murdered her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. I got this book on April 16 and started reading it right away. This is highly readable, the only problem I have is that the book was too big and heavy.

World War Z by Max Brooks

This book is amazing. Kudos to Max Brooks for brining something new in the table. Its of the best fiction book I've read so far. It doesn't follow a story plot but rather accounts from different people who have survived the zombie apocalypse. I read this while watching Z Nation on Netflix and the last week of my April became zombie-filled. 

Books I'll Be Reading This Month

  1. Room by Emma Donoghue

I wasn't able to read this book last month but this May I am dedicating another spot for this Fritzl-inspired story. I hope my current obsession with anything true crime will help me. 

  1. Pearl Harbor

Another book in my "With Movie Adaptation" collection that I've been neglecting for awhile. This is a small and handy book which I can bring at work without much fuzz. I have watched the movie once on cable network and was deeply moved by the story line. I hope that the book is as better as always.

  1. Paper Towns

This is from My March To Read List which I haven't followed up in awhile. I am halfway through the book and I am excited to finish it finally finish it off. 

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