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Life Lately #008

Good morning! I am super hyped to be back with a new Life Lately post after a long time. April ended pretty nicely for me and I am super motivated and inspired to make May better than ever. Thank you for always checking and reading my personal beauty and lifestyle blog. Again if you are a fellow blogger I encourage you to leave your links at the comment section below! I want to know other bloggers too.

As in every Life Lately posts I will be giving a weekly review followed by the five things lately I've been loving.
Let's begin!


This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I am going through tough emotional stress and I just don't know how to release it. I created my own heartbreak because I expect too much, I assume too much and I get my hopes too high. I might need a few weeks to process everything and I'll be back on my usual self. 

I've been reading a lot lately though and buying books to add in my collection. I also started my new bullet journal and I can't wait to share the content in a blog post. I spent a lot of time to prettify the layouts of my Bullet Journal and to make it work for my liking. 


Not much going on in terms of work. Since my OJT Ave became part of the WiFun family everything became easier. I am very much thankful for her hardwork. 


I might have a change when it comes to scheduling post on my other blog, SavingsPinay. I noticed an increase in the pageviews last week even though I haven't posted on a daily basis. I realize that what's more important is the quality of the blog post you publish.

So this month my new posting schedule for my personal finance blog will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Now every third week of the month will be dedicated to a SavingsPinay Series which is a week-long series of posts on a particular topic in personal finance. READ: Blog Update, New Posting Schedule and Quick Announcement

Here are IzzaGlino everything will be the same. I plan to blog on a daily basis and give quality time on posts about Bullet Journal and Blogging because I want to inspire more people to have their own Bullet Journal System and start Blogging. 

Also don't forget to watch My New YouTube Video below:

Posts this week on IzzaGlino:

Posts this week on SavingsPinay

5 Things Lately

1. Swim.Bike.Run Aquaman Aquathlon

I supported a friend during the recently concluded Aquaman Aquathlon organized by Swim.Bike.Run Philippines. It was a lot of first time for me and definitely a day I'll forever remember. Watching these athletes go for the gold during the swimming and running phase of the race was intense. I feel nervous for them. Gerald Anderson was there on the event and he was so Pogi!!!!!! I remember how his 10-pack abs flex through out the race. He was accompanied by his younger brother Ken who did well too during the Aquathlon. I took some photos of the event cause that's the role I signed up for. HAHA. 

2. Captain America : Civil War 

This movie is so good. It's way better than the Batman vs. Superman Movie. I enjoyed watching this movie because it has the right amount of thrill, excitement and fun. The addition of Ant Man is so nice and made me want to watch the Ant Man movie over the weekend.

3. New Bullet Journal 

My bullet journal set up is making me happy. Love how everything is at the moment. I have posted my May Bullet Journal Set Up last week and today in this post is my latest video where I flipthrough the entire content of my new bullet journal. I plan to upload other bullet journal related videos soon. I hope others will be interested in this amazing productivity system. If you want to know How to Start a Bullet Journal click HERE.


Can I mention how much this new Kpop Idol is making me crazy? I just love them and their songs and their looks and their everything. This Kpop boy group slays every performance and I can't help but watch and listen to their songs over and over again. I am literally raping the repeat button every time. They received their first award and I was so happy for them I just want to go through the screen and hug them tight. They deserve every success.

Watch the video below of their new song Pretty U:

5. My Voting Experience

I feel so thrilled to be part of the recently concluded #Halalan2016 and I couldn't be any happier that our new President is President Duterte. I hope he'll be true to his words and that his new approach to leadership will be well-received by my fellow countrymen. I have shared My Voting Experience as a First Timer in SavingsPinay. Hope you have time to read.

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