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May Monthly Favorites

It's time to give you the list of the products from makeup to skincare to random ones that became my go-to, most-used and favorites. Welcome to my Monthly Favorites for May!

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover

Everyone deserves a good makeup remover and though it took me years before I finally decided to try and invest in Bifesta, everything was so worth it. I love how this product melts away my makeup easily. I use it basically to remove all of my makeup after a quick shake. It's not greasy and no need to wash your face with regular face wash. Perfect for a lazy on-the-go girl like me. READ: Biore Micellar Cleansing Water Makeup Remover Review

Wet N' Wild Cover All + City Color BB Cream

This power combo is my go-to foundation for the month. Love how they blend together to create the perfect canvass for my face. I used them on my #Blogapalooza2016 Get Ready With Me video you can watch below.

The Wet N' Wild is in the shade Medium which is the lighter one while the City Color BB Cream is in Tan. When you combine them together it creates the shade that matches me perfectly. I take my time blending them with my Beauty Blender. Click the links above for the detailed review of each face product.

Avon Love Collides For Her Fragrance

I bought a new scent towards the end of April and I love it so much. The Avon Love Collides is a budget-friendly wearable feminine fragrance for all. I received quiet a huge amount of compliment whenever I wear it. People at work often asks what my scent is and where it is from. It is a very nice and unique scent and I might have this as my signature fragrance because I bought it for only 149pesos and it already contains 50ml. I purchased this on the same Avon dealer near our house where I bought the Avon Ultra Color Lip Crayon.

Pinkies Collection Matte Lipstick in Bark

Wow this lipstick is awesome. It is an everyday nude lipstick that's so creamy and so good it matches every skin color there is. I bought this for 199pesos only and I love using it as an everyday lipstick at work. It transforms my lips to a fuller and better looking one. Pinkies Collection Matte Lipstick in Bark stays long, it is matte finish and minimal transfer only through out the day. Love it soooo much and worth the recommendation. READ: Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Vibrant Violet

BT LA by Beauty Treats Matte Glamour in Intense

If I want something intense in my lips I grab this bad boy and use it intently to make a statement. The dark plum and vampy vibe of this lipstick is so awesome and I uploaded a review on my channel you can watch above, below or via THIS LINK.

Garnier Light Complete White Speed Multi-Action Whitening Serum Cream

I've been using this day cream for awhile now and I must say its really effective. I went to National Museum and in the photos my face appears brighter than before. The texture of this serum cream is very thick but when you apply it is easily absorbed by your face. It's light and it has extra UV Protection which I like. Will make a review of this soon.

Nature Republic Soothing Gel Mist

I finally found the right way to use this gel mist and incorporate it to my skincare routine. Every day after I shower I spritz this all over my face and let it sit until it is well-absorbed by my skin. I feel refreshed and extra moisturized before putting the rest of my skin essentials. This Nature Republic Sooth Gel Mist is something I got from my Althea Korea Beauty Box and its amazing.

Thank you for reading.

   What's your favorite/s for May?

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