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April Monthly Favorites

It's time to give you the list of the products from makeup to skincare to random ones that become my go-to, most-used and favorite. Welcome to my Monthly Favorites for April!

Maybelline Fashion Brow 3D Palette

I have been using this product to fix my brows for the whole month of April and I love it. Even as of this writing I trust my brow issues to be solved only by this brow product. This is very affordable (got mine for 150 pesos only on sale) and has wax to tame, dark brown to outline and medium brown to fill in. It gives a very natural-looking brows and can be used as nose contour too! READ: Maybelline Fashion Brow Mascara 24H Color Matcher Review

AC Makeup Japan Foundation in #2

I got this makeup at a store in Glorietta (sorry I forgot the name). It was for sale at 150pesos and available in shade #1 and #2. You can see the shade color from the packaging which is nice. Of course I chose the more yellow-toned shade to match my skin tone. This foundation is so good. I use it almost everyday to work and it gives you light-medium coverage that can stay long under the heat of the sun. I don't set my face with powder and it still looks okey at the end of the day. Will probably make a review about this soon. READ: Pinay's Guide on Foundation

Artist Studio Blush Brush

This brush is the perfect brush to use for any blush formula. I've used it on powder, cream and tint blush and it just glides and blend the color so smoothly. Sometimes I will damp the brush a little so the pigmentation of the blush will be emphasized. I bought this for 99pesos only at Landmark and had been using this for almost three years now. You see My Landmark Amazing Find Haul for pictures.

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder

I got this on my Althea Korea Beauty Box I ordered last March. It's a lot of first time for me when it comes to powders because I never had any mineral powder product over. I also prefer compact pressed powders over product like this because I find it messy to use. Lastly, I never had a white powder ever since I graduated from Johnsons Baby Powder. This surprise me in so many levels. It's not that messy to use, the powder is so fine that it melts in your face in a good way. It really doesn't show much of my pores and sebum which I have a lot around my nose area. Another great product I'll surely review soon. WATCH: Althea Korea Unboxing + Try On

Maybelline Creamy Matte in Vibrant Violet

If you follow me on Instagram for sure you've seen this coming. This has been the most intense lipstick color I've tried so far. It's violet and dries as a matte finish. READ: Maybelline Creamy Matte in Vibrant Violet Review. I wore this once at work and didn't mind the looks I'm getting. Well, the shade is not that "day-friendly" but as night approaches you'll surely become surprised by how good it will make you look. This works better on a minimal makeup just do your brows, mascara and blush and you are good to go. 

Fashion 21 Matte in Sushi

A cheaper alternative to other matte lipstick available in the country today. This Fashion 21 Matte Lipstick is the best everyday lipstick ever. It works pretty well on the Filipina skin. The color is so gorgeous. When I saw this being swatched and reviewed by other YouTubers I knew I wanted to own it already. The formula is not bad for the price it even exceeded my expectation. SEE PHOTO HERE

Paintbox by Bench Cream Blush

I've been using this cream blush for the month of April and find myself falling more and more in love by its beauty. It's the perfect blush to use if you are looking for a natural glow ala Koreana. You don't have to worry putting the blush stick too much your cheeks because it blends easily. If you want to check out other Paintbox Items I bought CLICK HERE. If you want a detailed review in their bronzer and highlighter stick CLICK HERE.

Thank you for reading. 
What's your favorite/s for April?

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