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My Sisters Keeper Book Review

Title: My Sisters Keeper

Author: Jodi Picoult
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Number of Pages: 407

The Book Was About...

My Sisters Keeper tackles a hard situation for any family. One of the daughter was diagnosed with APL, a form of leukemia.  To help with the treatment of Kate a designer baby - born to act as donor for any need of the ill daughter has to be done. Abigail soon donated bone marrow, promyelocytes and others to her sister. Then come the day when Kate needed kidney. Anna decides that she has had enough and seeks a lawyer to represent her. She sued her parents for medical emancipation.

Anna Fitzgerald- Anna is a thirteen-year-old girl who plays as the main character of the novel. Anna is conceived to help her older sister Kate's fight against cancer. She became an active participant in keeping Kate alive. The day comes when Anna don't want to become a donor anymore. She filed a case against her parents and find herself in between the consequences of her actions.

Sara Fitzgerald - Sara is the mother of Anna, Kate and Jesse. She was once a lawyer practitioner before she decides to give her full-time attention to Kate with her disease. Sara is a strong and intelligent mother but can sometimes focus all of her love and attention to Kate, alone, leaving her husband and other kids heart broken.

Brian Fitzgerald - Brian is a husband to Sara and father to Anna, Kate and Jesee. He is a firefighter who views each situation 
from his children's perspectives. He avoid dealing with the troubles that the family is currently having by going to work. Towards the end of the book Brian proved his reliability as a husband and father.

Campbell Alexander - Campbell was the lawyer that Anna hired for her case against her parents. He was initially displayed as rude and arrogant but later on proved to be a caring gentleman.

Julia Romano - Julia is the guardian ad litem of Anna. She was the high-school girlfriend of Campbell and shows an independent personality. She has a caring personality especially with Anna. 

Kate Fitzgerald - Kate is the middle child of the Fitzgerald siblings. She was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. She appears to have accepted the fact that she will one day die. She is a born survivor. 

Jesse Fitzgerald - Jesse is the oldest among the siblings. He uses destructive character to hide his true feelings. He can't forgive himself that he can't save Kate.

My Review:

I super duper enjoyed reading this book. I had lots of tears while reading this book. It will touch your core and shake you to pieces because of how wonderfully written the book is. This is the first book of Jodi Picoult and I was surprised by how amazing the writer is. 

What I love about the book is that each character is speaking their own version of the event. This has a movie adaptation which for me, doesn't even match 10% of what the book is about. The book will give you so much substance and back story of each character and  it has a different angle. I finished this book with just one weekend and that is a proud moment for me. Once you start digging to the pages of this book you will keep on reading it until the end.

I love the character of Brian and how he definitely made me cry especially at page 259 when he handled a paper sort of eulogy for Kate. I also love Jessie's character in the book. His moments of a struggling teenager that's always misunderstood made an impact in my life. If Kate and Anna fought a long battle so did their older brother Jessie. Anna is a very strong character for a child and her ways are pretty different than normal. I believe Jodi Picoult did a great job handling the story and taking you to a different level of emotion. 
I finished this book with just one weekend and that is a proud moment for me. Once you start digging to the pages of this book you will keep on reading it until the end. 

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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