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Current Makeup Menu

I posted a photo in my Instagram of my makeup menu at the moment. It was surprisingly received well by the makeup lover community. And so today I decided to create a detailed post about my Current Makeup Menu aka the makeup products I am using at the moment. I hope you enjoy this quick post. 

For my Brow Routine, I use the wax from my Maybelline Fashion Brow Palette for the outline. Then I fill up my brows with the darkest powder shade from same palette. To seal everything in I use my Maybelline Fashion Brow Mascara 24H Color Matcher.

For Foundation, I am trying out a combination of City Colors BB Cream and Wet N' Wild Cover All Foundation. I got the City Colors BB Cream on sale for 99pesos from 299pesos original price one day at Landmark Trinoma Beauty section. This BB Cream is thicker compared to the usual local BB Cream but feels light weight on the face. You can read my full review of City Colors BB Cream HERE.

The Wet N' Wild Cover-All Foundation is something I didn't like the first time around. It took me a month of break to use the foundation again and find out whether it works better. It gives medium to full coverage perfect for my current face situation. You can also read my full review of Wet N' Wild Cover-All Foundation HERE.

How I Use This Power Combo? I put a pea-sized amount of City Colors BB Cream followed by two pea-sized amount of Wet N' Wild Cover All Foundation. With the warmth of my finger tips I mix both and apply to my face in dotted motion. Sometimes I use a damp Beauty Blender especially if I have to build the coverage.

For concealer, I use the Missha Undereye Concealer which I got from my Althea Korea Beauty Box. I've never found an undereye concealer that works well like this product. It's very creamy and very thick in formula but can be blend easily. Love using the damp Beauty Blender in this process. 

For Blush, I love using My Paintbox by Bench Cream Blush in Fancy Pink to create the most natural rosy cheeks. Then I blend using my Artist Studio Blush Brush. READ: My April Monthly Favorites.

For Powder, I use the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. This one product in my current makeup menu that's giving a big difference in my everyday makeup. Wow! This powder works so good in making my face as oil free as possible. It's very fine and melts in your face in a good way. When I use this I can see the big difference in an instant. I don't use any special brush to use this just the puff that comes with the powder and it still works really nice. 

For the Lips, my forever favorite lipsticks Maybelline Creamy Matte in Vibrant Violet and Fashion 21 in Sushi are also part of My Current Makeup Menu. I just couldn't find a lipstick that can replace these bad boys. The Vibrant Violet is good for casual days  while the Sushi is an everyday lipstick you can wear. 

I will probably switch things in the coming week but for now the products mentioned above are just sooooo awesome!!! Love using them. 

What's your current makeup products?


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