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MONTHLY RECAP| Goodbye May, Hello June

It's time to recap what happened for the month of May with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month. May has been a better month compared to April in my assessment. I can't wait to share the big events of the month to you. 

Watched an Aquathlon Tournament

I started May big by accompanying a friend to an Aquathlon Tournament held at Pasig Ultra. It was my first time at Ultra and also my first time get up close and personal with athletes and a legit swimming pool. I had a quick share of the story in my Life Lately #8 post if you want to read. Overall this experience is great and something I'll treasure forever. 

First Voting Experience

I finally exercised my right to vote. Last May 9, I voted for the next leaders of the country and I shared my experience HERE. Glad that President Duterte won because I voted for him however I am saddened that Cayetano didn't make it. 

Elder Sister's Graduation

My elder sister Abi graduated college last May 27 and we had a little celebration at our house. It was fun karaoke night for everyone and we had a lot of good food on the table. I am glad that my sister had finally finished her schooling and I am excited of her journey as part of the professional world. 

Blogapalooza 2016

Another exciting event that took place in the month of May is the Blogapalooza 2016. It was my second-time attending such a glamorous event for bloggers and businesses to interact with each other. This time the Blogapalooza was set at Quezon Ave. Elements Centris. For me it was better in terms of set up and organization. You can CLICK HERE to read my experience. Again a big congratulations to Blogamomma, Ms. Ace Gapuz and her team.

SavingsPinay Milestones

My financial blog SavingsPinay is havinga blast. After much procrastination I finally able to send all newsletters that must be sent for my SavingsPinay Money Makeover program. I also launched my SavingsPinay Facebook Group keep it as active as possible. If you are into personal finance too I encourage you to joing the SavingsPinay FB Community so you can learn more about money matters. You can read the rest of my SavingsPinay Milestones over my other blog.

National Museum with Coffee Monday Barkada

I plan to create a full post about this on Thursday so please bear with me. To wrap up the month of May I, together with my Coffee Monday Barkada went to National Museum last May 28. They offer free admission because for the whole month of May since its Heritage Month. After our museum adventure we went to SM Manila to watch the X-Men Apocalypse and our good friend, Gio, who celebrated his birthday treat us all. It was indeed a happy Saturday. Again more pics in my blog post this coming Thursday. 

Sadly I wasn't able to enroll to Korean Language Program because I didn't make it to the slot. I still have plans of learning Korean but I guess I need to find another school/institution instead.

Things I'm Looking Forward on June

Style Con Asia Manila

OH EMM GEE!!! When I got an invite email from Ms. Yan of StyleHaul about Style Con Asia happening in Manila this June 5 and June 6 I felt so happy. Finally another YouTube event where I can meet fellow Filipina YouTubers as well. And this is not just any other event by the way, Ms. Bubz of Bubzbeauty whom I've been watching for years now will be coming to the event. I am super excited as in. More info here:

Another Reader Meet-Up

Last year I met up with a reader on SavingsPinay and it was a humbling experience. I never thought that my financial blog will receive that much love from others. Then before May ended I received a new email from another reader for a reader meet-up. I am excited to share my thoughts on money matters. 

Colors of Freedom Fun Run

My first ever fun run!!! On Independence Day, June 12, I will be participating on Colors of Freedom Fun Run and I can't wait. I will be together with my two other officemates and we registered for a 5K run. Currently we are waiting for the arrival of our race kits from the organizers. You can still sign up I believe just click here:

MTV Evolution Concert Mall of Asia

Nica got tickets for 2 in the coming MTV Evolution Concert at Mall of Asia. It's a gathering of some of the best in the music industry plus One Republic will be there and I adore their music so much. 

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