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Amazing Find: Landmark's Dome-shaped powder brush and Angled Blush Brush

I still remember how happy I was when I held my very first set of makeup brushes. I bought it from an FB page called Avviare and it holds a special place in my vanity area. I just love that they basic brush pieces and their wooden too making them unique from the rest of the brushes available in the market. The brushes for the eyes are all and makes creating a smoky eye super easy.

Since I already had a 23-piece brush set I thought of investing for individual brushes that I see on local Youtube beauty gurus videos. Fortunately, Landmark Cosmetics section has this corner for all makeup brushes. From big powder brushes to tiny lip applicators, you can buy everything at Landmark Cosmetics and they are all available for a budget-friendly price. I believe I had bought about 10 individual brushes in total and each brush is such of good quality.

Today I’d like to share to you the two new brushes that I picked up in Landmark Cosmetics that I am using reaching out the most every time I do my look of the day.

Dome-shaped Powder Brush

When I saw this and I knew I have to buy it. First the brush is really soft and nice to look at, second, I love that it is dome-shaped making the application for powders smooth and third it is definitely sulit. For the month of February I’ve been using this powder brush with my Nichido Loose Powder and it is very  very good. I actually tried applying liquid foundation with this powder foundation and it is also great.

Angled Blush Brush

For just 79pesos this Angled Blush Brush is a must have. It is synthetic again and creates a smooth application on the face. I also love that I can use this in between cream blush and powder blush. I was once so afraid about blushes since I fear that I will turn into a clown but this blush brush is just great.

I believe every girl who loves makeup should also invest in a makeup brush. Though the fingers can do the trick and sometimes better than any makeup brush or applicator it is still a need to have makeup brushes ready.

You can find Ladmark at Trinoma and Makati.

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