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February Product Empties (Pantene Pro V Aqua Pure, BB Screts , Nivea etc.)

Last Year I had shared a lot of product empties and this is one of my most favorite blog post to read. It is as always nice to find items and products that just works very well and get the chance to empty them. Most of my product empties are skincare products though I use makeup every single day since I am very “matipid” and I tend to swith brands most of the time.  So without further ado here are the products I have emptied and you can also know whether I’ll repurchase or not for the month of February.

1. Pantene Aqua Shampoo. I bought this some time in December last year and it is one of those shampoo that gives you a light weight feeling. I love that it looks transparent and that the smell is nice but not overpowering. This product promise a lightweight nourishment with no-added silicone, dye and paraben.

2. Nivea Pore Cleansing Face Wash. I have loved the Mud Foam but I thought why not try this other variant and though I love the Mud Foam better, this product is good too. I use this at night and in the morning and it just cleans my face thoroughly and good in removing makeup too. Sometimes I feel so lazy applying makeup removing that I go straight to face wash and this is a go to product for me. I will repurchase this one but I still have my Olay Face Wash that I bought sometime in November and forgot to use so I’ll probably buy once the said Olay is finished.

3. Fashion 21 Mascara. This is like the best affordable local mascara and I do love this product so much. It is easy to apply because of the thin brush of the applicator and it makes the application in the bottom lashes effortless. I was about to repurchase this when I emptied it but I got hooked with Avon Super Shock Max.

4. Belo Intensive Whitening Soap. I am still not over with my admiration about this product and yes I emptied again a bar. I am glad that this product still works perfectly and I actually just repurchased which you can find on my blog post Recent Purchase Haul.

5. Collections BB Secrets Beauty Balm. This BB product is just amazing!!! This has a dewy finish giving you that beautiful glow. It is also affordable plus the coverage is natural. I will repurchase this one for sure.

6. Avon Simply Pretty Magic Lipstick. This has got to be part of my “No Makeup Look” for it gives you the red natural pouty lips that is not overwhelming to the eyes. This is very affordable too so I am into repurchasing this soon.

What do you think of my February Product Empties?! Do you also own any of the product from my list?! What’s your most recent product empty?!

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