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The Weekend Log #1: Rebranding IzzaGlino

Hi there! Yes you’ve read it right! I am introducing a new blog series entitled The Weekend Log and two I am Rebranding IzzaGlino. 

IzzaGlino has been my baby for the longest time. This is the very first blog that I created and up until now beauty such as skincare, makeup and everything that involves it has been my passion. Then come SavingsPinay. I guess I created that blog about 6-7 months after but hold and behold, SavingsPinay has been bigger than IzzaGlino in terms of pageviews. Kaya medyo nag lie low din ako dito eh… I became too focused with financial terms as I really am for financial literacy.

Anyhow over the weekend I was researching for blog topics when it hit me that there is a need to rebrand this site. I want IzzaGlino to be known as a personal blog….a lifestyle blog for everyone. Meron na kong nahanap na mga peg for the blogs and so application na lang ang natitira.

Anyhow below are the rebranding that I’ll be making.

1. New Blog Post Categories/Pages.

I’ve added, deleted and changed my blog categories so many times but I wish to really commit na. Below will be my main blogging categories
    • Blogging Tips – I already started this category by posting Series 1 and Series 2 in creating a blog. I want to share my experience and my knowledge in blogging to others.
    • Living Posts- There are general topics about life that I want to write about. Some of the topics that I’ve been eyeing will be “How to Study”, “Creating a Bullet Journal”, “How to Stay Happy when ever thing seems wrong”.
    • Pinay’s Guide- These are focused blog posts that guides every Pinay. I have started this blog category and below are my current published works: 
    • Youtube videos-Again as you already knew,  I do Youtube videos out of happiness and I feel like I can share the videos here in the blog  to share more to others.
    • Travel posts- I am looking forward to create Travel Posts with the blog and I just want to start building and creating memories through traveling.
    • Fitness- Now this is something that I am most afraid off if I can really commit and push through but I’ve been very eager to blog about my workout routine (yes, I workout but just for the productivity boost that it gives) and more.
    • The Weekend Log- Another new category and this blog post will be very first installment. I want to post my thoughts freely and to really share like how a diary goes how my week went or what’s bugging me for the week. I hope you will support this blog topic.
    • Devotionals. I want to share how good God is and how He had blessed my life through out. This is also the blog category were I share Biblical lessons and other devotional materials and articles.
2. New Blogging Schedule.

I hate broadcasting my blog schedule since I am very bad in keeping them real but anyhow let this post be part of my accountability thing. Starting next week expect the following post/s to be posted on the certain day/date.
Monday and Wednesday is all about Beauty. Under beauty are different topics that I’ll simultaneously blog:
  • Skincare
  • Makeup
  • Sulit Buy
  • Product Review
  • Product Hype
  • Recent purchase
  • Haul
  • Amazing Find
Every Tuesday will be for Tips. And since I do Blogging Tips, General Tips on Life and Pinay’s Guide these three sub-categories will be live every other week.
Thursday is intended for Random Posts. I may publish a Youtube video that I just recently uploaded, a Tag game, a press release, a newsletter or my travels. This is just dedicated day to post something for for you.
Friday is when I will post about 3 F’s namely Food, Fashion and Fitness. These topics goes live simultaneously depending on what I really wanted and needed to share.
Saturday and Sunday are two days were I want to focus on My Weekend Log or Devotionals. Again there is no rule if every other week will be My Weekend Log or Devotionals I just to really myself more to you.
3. New goala. 

I want IzzaGlino to be my personal chronicles. SavingsPinay is filled with financial knowledge and so I want this  blog to be mine. My personal chronicles. I know that with proper scheduling I can do it and I am excited to actually implement these new system (naks…system) in my blogging world.
My Goals for this IzzaGlino Rebranding
1. Share more beauty finds and more valuable contents to my readers.
2. Learn to commit to my blogging schedule.
3. Find more personal and lifestyle blog to read. I feel like I am not networking to other bloggers for the first 2 years of my blog and I just want to read and engage more. Comment to me any blog that worth recommending or even YOUR Blog!!!
4. Hit 35,000 pageviews before the –ber months begin.
5. Hit 250 Likes on Izza Glino Full Facebook Page. Hope you can help me reach for more likers in my Facebook Page!!!
6. Hit 300 subscribers in my Youtube Channel.
Again I have no idea whether I can really keep the above schedule on a weekly basis but at least now I have a guide on what to do with my blog. I am excited and delighted for the end result of this little rebranding experiment.

Hope to hear from you real soon. Make sure that you follow me on Facebook and on my RSS Feeds to get updates about my posts straight in your inbox.

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