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New Products from Shawill

I didn’t really paid much attention to Shawill as a local makeup brand not until I bought the Shawill BB Cream. It was my all time favorite BB Cream and I truly enjoyed using the product as it gives a flawless face plus the product is budget friendly. Also I noticed that most of the promising product that I own came from Shawill like the Shawill Hide the Blemish You're Bluffing Concealer and Shawill Two Way Eyebrow cake. Since then Shawill has become one of the brand I look forward to every time I go shopping.

Last week I went to Trinoma as my event is along the area. I came early so I had enough time to go around. I went to Landmark’s Cosmetic section and guess what, Shawill had released new products that I swear by I fell in love at first swatch!

Since these products are pretty new (I actually didn’t get everything but will promise to purchase more once I had a time again to go to Trinoma) most kiosks do not offer them at the moment. I try to find the same items in Shawill kiosk at SM Bicutan but they are still not available.

I believe they have almost 7 new product line and I bought four out of seven that I really found amazing during my trial session. Below are the items that I picked and my first impression. I’ll have a much detailed blog very soon as well as video on my Youtube Channel.

First and foremost I’d like to say that their new products have an amazing packaging. They look expensive yet the actual price is too cheap to compare with the presentation. I never shop for 2 or more items on the same brand but Shawill’s new makeup products are just so amazing to look at and to try on.

1. Shawill 12 Hour Lasting 0.01mm Liner.
I never had this type of liner ever since I am more of a pencil liner person. I am very excited for it is retractable and the size is 0.01mm that gives much precision when used. I guess what I am more looking forward is the promised 12 Hour lasting power of the liner.
2. Shawill 24 Hour Ultra Black Waterproof Volumizing Eyeliner Pen
This is a liquid liner and I had one before from Essence that I failed to review but this time I will be sure to review the product to you guys. What a great combination if it is true that the pencil liner lasts for 12 hours and this one is for 20 hours, right?! Anyways, I got this since I am running out of my liquid liner from Essence also I tried this at the back of my hand and I was impressed that it didn’t smudge at all. I also don’t have to wait that long for it to dry.
3. Shawill Perfect Lip Liner Pencil in Shade 03
You know my story about lip liners that I shared when I reviewed Ever Bilena Lip Liners now if you think that the Ever Bilena Lip Liners are sulit for 65pesos… then the Shawill Lip Liners liner is way cheaper for just 53pesos!!! Yes indeed!!! Though they only have 3 Shades what I like about the shades are they are a combination of nude and pink that is easy to pull through. I was about to buy all the shades but the sales lady didn’t know where the supply is hidden for the other two shades so I only have one.
4. Shawill Stay Flawless Primer Stick Base 15-Hour Primer
Now this is the product that I am most excited about. What made me buy and try the product is that the packaging looks like Benefits Stay Flawless Primer so I am really curious whether they have the same effect. No I haven’t tried the Benefit Makeup Primer but still if this product can make my makeup lasts longer, hide my pores and make my foundation looks less cakey then this would be a steal. For just 99pesos this is so pretty to look at. This is available in three shades and it seems like a bb cream/foundation at first but don’t worry it won’t have that white cast on your face.
Just seeing the how the items look make me so excited!!! I can’t wait to test and to review each item. I hope you find this haul blog post helpful.

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