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SanSan HD Lipstick in Nude Brown Product Review

For almost three years that I’ve been addicted to makeup, lipstick is the makeup category that I am not that much passionate about. I don’t really wear lipstick that much not unless I am on a hosting gig or the day calls to and I make sure to only wear a lipstick color that’s within my comfort zone. 

I believe the farthest that I’ve gone in trying a different shade of lipstick is the Maybelline Color Show lipstick in Perfect Plum. I still call True Colors Lipstick in Cashmere as my ultimate favorite lipstick as it just gives the best looking lips that match my skin tone and I just feel beautiful when I wear it. But lately I’ve been loving the look of the SanSan HD lipstick in Nude Brown.

Product Information

SanSan High Definition HD Lipstick has Vitamins A, C and E and also has SPF 15. This lipstick is also exclusively distributed by HBC.
  • Provides full-coverage with one application
  • Formulated with Vitamins A, C, E and SPF 15 for a healthier and naturally radiant lips
  • Provides creamy matte finish for a picture-perfect look. 


The product is sold for 138pesos per piece. A bit pricey for a local lipstick but a reasonable investment.

Product Shots and Demo

This lipstick is actually part of very First Haul for 2015 that you can watch below:

The SanSan HD Lipstick is what I would an “everyday lipstick”. It doesn’t give you a wash out or pale lips that will make you look sick even if you are not. The shade maybe Nude Brown but this has a coral touch that still gives color to the lips.

 Though I am do not agree that one application gives you full-coverage as it will take me 2-3 applications, I still find this lipstick “matipid gamitin”. The look is very natural, it doesn’t make my lips choppy and dry rather gives the opposite effect as I noticed that though I didn’t condition my lips beforehand, the lipstick will still glide on smoothly.

What I love about the Product?

  • The packaging is gorgeous.
  • Its jam-packed with vitamins that honestly help in promoting a decent-looking lips ready for a kiss Smile
  • Matte finish, something that can give a very natural look
  • Blends well with other lipstick color.
  • No offensive smell

What I don’t love about the Product?

  • The amount of product is smaller compared to other lipsticks I own
  • Needs 2-3 application before the full coverage can be noticeable


Will I Repurchase?

Yes but probably a different shade.
This SanSan HD High Definition Lipstick is perfect for those students who are first timers when it comes to lipstick application as it doesn’t give you the trying hard look. This is also ideal for working girls like me who will just bring out the beauty in you.

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