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February and March Montly Favorites

As much as I wanted to make a video post about my monthly favorites just like what I did last January I can't. Since 2015 came I have only updated my Youtube channel for like six times. I knew I have to apologize for the lack of videos as I find it hard to film a video with my current work schedule plus the mere fact that I tend to procrastinate even more.

So instead of torturing myself in promising I'll film the monthly favorites today, this afternoon or after work then why not make a blog post. It will be the same anyways so yeah... This is the kind of blog post wher I just rave my favorites for the past two months.

Makeup and Skincare

1. Paintbox by Bench BB Cream. I got this for love at first swatch and I actually didn't pay much attention right after I uploaded a review video. Now I am totally into this local BB Cream again for it brightens my skintone, does not give me the cakey feel and just absorbs directly into an airbrush effect. I also love how the smell subsides as it sets in. Below is the demo review I filmed before:

2. HBC SanSan Makeup Sponge. I bought way cheaper than my Forever 21 Makeup Sponge but this tiny baby is way more amazing. I use this in all of my foundation/BB Cream application and it sure does the job well. Though this thing don't expand when wet like how the Beauty Blender goes it still gives high definition coverage.

3. Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla and Macademia. I am an avid fan of lip balms but this Nivea Lip Butter is just the bomb. I use this right after foundation so that as I go on my usual make up routine. Then when I am already in the office that's when I apply my lipstick so that it remains soft and lipstick-ready. This is pricey though for 130pesos but I am telling you that's it is worth the price. 

4. Landmark Angled Blush Brush. I wrote this Landmark brush as part of my Amazing Find. I love this and I use it on my cream blush from the ELF Countouring Blush and Bronzer. I also use this for the powder blush just to quickly blend the product. I also love this makeuop tool because of the price.

5. Avon Supershock Max Mascara. I believe this is not a surprise anymore but yes, this mascara is life-changing!!! I almost done with this product but I just keep in using it all the way. I love how this open my eye and how its very thickening and volumizing. If you are curious about this mascara then you can view my review HERE.

6. Belo Intensive Whitening Bar Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid. This is my go to soap for a long time now. Dito lang ata ako nag-stay ng matagal. I talked about this product on a separate post entitled Belo Intensive Whitening Soap Review 

7. Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick in Wild Berry. I feel like for the longest time I never actually have the luck when it comes to lipstick. I buy most of my lipsticks without even thinking whether I can really use them. This Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick in Wild Berry changed that for me. I just love how this gives the best and the most natural red. This makes me glow even when the days that I am too stressed na magpaganda. Just this lipstick alone and I will be ok.

My first meal :)
Random Items

1. Ramen bowl and Mason Jar. I bought the ramen bowl in Japan Daiso for 88pesos and I love eating anything and everything with it. The size is perfect for a rice meal, a noodle soup and even dessert! The Mason Jar on the other hand is from the supermarket near my home. It is only 79pesos but it makes all of my beverages look and feel better. Now I know why Mason Jar became a trend.

DONE watching Ep. 1-78!!!
2. Detective Conan. I am currently saving and watching a lot of Detective Conan episodes in my Ipad and it just keeps me busy during lunch hours. This particular anime has been my long time favorite I just love how the case is solved and explained in the end. Do you love Detective Conan too?!

Last piece!!!
3. Julies Oat 25. It was actually my first to buy this kind of snack but I love it so much. I saw this in the International section of the supermarket near our home and I knew I have to buy it. What I love about this Julies Oat 25 is the taste. It is layered with 10 different grains/oats that blends together for a delicious snack. 

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 What's you favorites this month?!

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