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Pinays Guide for a Perfect Skincare Routine

Its been a long time since I added a post in Pinay’s Guide and I was actually picking the best topic to share next.  I hope today’s post will interest you.

Routines are ideal. Most of us unknowingly have our routines in life. For example, you know exactly that once you wake up, you’ll grab your phone… go to social media and update your status or take a selfie. You may not notice it but it primarily becomes part of your daily living.

A routine is simply a fixed program or something done on a regular basis. I love making routines for myself such as  a morning routine, night routine, make up routine and my favorite skincare routine. And to start with this year’s Pinay Guide, today I’ll be talking about Pinay’s Guide for a Solid Skin Care Routine.


For the Body

1. Use a gentle body soap that can give the result that you want to see. I for example go for whitening soaps for I am more on making my  skin tone even out. My must have body soap includes CY Gabriel Soap in Special Pink and my current fave, Belo Intensive Whitening Bar.

2. Exfoliate your body. Once or twice a week you can go for a body scrub that can rejuvenate your skin. You can use Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub or the classic Abonne milk scrub.

3. Try a body wash. This is something new to me because I never really tried body wash before. I thought why bother having a body wash when there’s soap but when I felt like common soaps dries my skin way faster and longer that’s when I searched for body wash as an alternative. My sister bought this big body wash from Watsons and its Buy 1 Take 1. Safeguard on the other hand also released their body wash same line of the Safeguard Derma Sense Facial Wash.

4. Moisturizing Lotion or Body Cream. It is important to seal in the moisture of the body right after the shower time. Try a highly moisturizing lotion such as St. Ives Vitamin E lotion or any lotion that you are “hiyang” with. Currently I am using Nivea Body Lotion (the blue one) and Nivea Crème for the arms and legs as added moisture.
For the Face

If you are “tamad” like me, the classic Cleanse, Moisturize and Tone could be a perfect Skincare Routine but if you want a deeper skincare regimen you may follow additional steps. Below is a Skincare Routine suggested to bring your best face forward.

1. Remove Makeup. For those who wear makeup you might want to make it a routine removing your makeup at night. This is because makeup worn overnight could damage the surface of your skin. In my case for example, the moment I forgot to remove my makeup  I get breakouts the following day. I have a tried different makeup removers such as Etude House Happy Tea Time Lemon Facial Cream, Ponds Cold Crème, Ever Bilena Makeup Remover and In2it Makeup Remover Crème.

2. Cleanse. Just removing the makeup is not enough. To thoroughly have a clean face make sure to use a cleanser. You may opt for the classic facial wash or a facial foam. I have reviewed and used different facial wash such as Nivea Deep Cleansing Mud Foam, Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Facial Wash and Olay Facial Wash.

3. Tone. Toning is highly important as it balance the pH level of your skin after washing. Also if there are residue that wasn’t cleaned by the cleanser then this would be the solution. I highly recommend Nivea Refreshing Toner as it don’t just clean the face rather add moisture and gives you a refreshing feeling. Other toner that you can try are Belo Intensive Toner or Garnier Light Toner.

4. Serum or Essence. Serums and/or Essences gives added nutrients into the deeper layer of the skin. There are many types of serums available in the market such as brightening serums, acne preventive serums and so on. The only serum I tried and I recommend would be from Bench Perfect Whitening Kit. Click the link to read my review.  LINK!

5. Moisturizer. I guess one should really invest on a good moisturizer. Dry skin is just a big no no and it gives flaky outer layer that you just want to avoid. I have a review on Nivea Crème which apart from my body I also use on my face at night. I also love GNC Vitamin C Crème and I need to buy this thing again for it has been a long time since I used it. Currently I am using Himalaya Herbals Daily Moisturizer and I still yet to make a separate blog post.

6. SPF. It is important to protect your skin from the harmful rays of sun. Let putting SPF part of your habit. Most of makeup especially BB Cream and Foundation have SPF but there is a big difference using a concentrated SPF product.

7. Eye Cream. I have the worst eye bags ever so regular eye cream won’t just do the trick for me but if you want to get rid of dry under eye area and just really treat the puffiness and darkness investing in an eye cream is important. I know eye products such as Bobbi Brown and Kiehl’s really work but try the Hortaleza Eye Cream if you want a local alternative.
The beauty of having a skincare regimen is adopting to the habit of taking good care of your skin. I’ll be honest that I don’t really follow the my own skincare routine that well but I am working hard about it. Most of the items are personal recommendation for I became hiyang on the products but you may use as is.

Hope this post helped you.

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 What is Your Current Skincare Routine?!


  1. Hi, im 16 yet im having a trouble on my routines. What advice will you give to me? I really need some guidance. :(

    1. Hi dear! For skincare routine ang pinaka advice ko saiyo is to track it. I have a habit tracker on my planner/bullet journal to remind me on doing my AM and PM Skincare routine. Also it would help if you write down your routine and keep it in the place na visible saiyo. Lastly kailangan mo ng trigger para sa routine mo. For example ako in the morning ang trigger ng AM skincare routine ko is after maligo face wash agad, brush, toner, moisturizer etc. Kapag PM skincare routine naman pagka tanggal ko ng mga accessories ko diretso wash na. I hope I helped but if you want better communication you can shoot me a message sa contact form sa ibaba. :)


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